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The Apprenticeship program is a training program approved  by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) and the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC) that allows a trainee, called an apprentice, to earn a wage while studying to become a Cosmetologist or Barber under the guidance and supervision of a trainer in an establishment licensed by the board.


  1. To be at least sixteen (16) years old.

  2. Have a valid social security number (SSN) or tax payer identification (TIN) number.

  3. Have a valid government issued photo ID.

  4. Have an employer willing to offer you paid employment with the salary stipulated on the standards.

  5. Have a licensed trainer that is willing to share all their professional trade knowledge with you.

  6. Complete the 39 Hour Pre-Apprenticeship Course.

  7. Commit to working a minumum of 32 hours and no more than 40 hours per week on the Job Training (OJT). Apprentices are required to complete a minimum of 3,200 OJT hours over a 2 year period.

  8. Attend and complete the related supplemental instruction. You will be required to complete a minimum of 240 hours over a period of 2 years. You must assist a minimum of 2 times per month to RSI classes.

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Your steps to Success

Step 1:  Take the 39 Hr. Course

Enroll in the 39 Hour Pre-Apprentice Course at Cosmetica Latina.  which allow you to learn about basic sanitation and health and safety laws of California.  This course is a State requirement for applying to an apprentice license. 

Please check Cosmetica Latina's current pricing for the course.

Step 2: CCBUAC

Your trainer and your  employer must prepare their documentation and have their licenses ready.  

This allows you to participate in the  State of California Apprenticeship Program 

NOTE: Both employer and trainer must not have any outstanding fines or have any prior or current disciplinary actions in the last two years with the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Step 3: Apply for a License

Upon completion of your 39Hr. Course, you can apply for your Apprentice License:

  • The Apprentice must include a $25 money order or check payable to the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology for the application Fee.

Employer, Trainer and Apprentice must fill out the corresponding forms for the  following agencies:

  • The Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

  • The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

NOTE: Approximate time for approval is 6-9 weeks. Please be aware that you are not allowed to work before receiving your license. The apprentice license will arrive at the registered establishment.

Step 4: Apprenticeship

When your license arrives, you can start your apprenticeship!  

  • Start the 3,200 Hours On the Job Training (OTJ) with the approved employer.

  • Start the 240 Hours of Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) with CCBUAC.

  • You are required to attend class 2 times per month.  You must pay a $40 administration fee per class. (Class schedule is basen on the education center chosen, please check here)

  • You will need to keep a monthly training record, and comply with the mandatory documentation about salary and worker's compensation Insurance.

  • Within the first 2 weeks of obtaining your apprentice license, you must provide CCBUAC your proof of salary (payroll) and Workers compensation Insurance. This is a requirement and we will forward those documents to the corresponding government agencies.

Step 5: Program Completion

After successfuly completing the 3200 Hours of OJT and 240 Hours of RSI, you will be awarded a Completion Certificate, and you can apply for taking the State Examination with the BBC:

  • Pay a $85 exam application administrative fee to CCBUAC.

  • Submit the application for examination with the BBC. For this, you must include a $125 money order or check payable to The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Step 6: Congratulations!

The BBC will issue your professional license after passing the State exam.

Upon receiving it, you are officially a licensed professional of the Beauty Industry

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